I Like Giving by Brad Formsma

This month’s idea of “giving” big or small started back when I read the book “I Like Giving”. This book is truly inspirational. The tagline is “practical ideas, inspiring stories”. Giving doesn’t have to be this BIG thing that we do. Giving can be small. Giving can be something as simple as your time. Simply […]

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

I’m kind of mad at myself that it took me so long to jump on this awesome oil train. I have only been a member for a month and I can already see so many changes in myself and my family. One of my favorite oils right now is the lemon essential oil. There are […]

Create a Habit of Giving

acts 20

November. Can you believe it? November already! This is the beginning of the season. It is about to be a tornado of family, food, and fun up in here. You are also about to have your Facebook feeds flooded with 30 days of thankfulness. Day one will the obligatory “family” post. We are always so […]

5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie


I honestly can not believe I am writing this post. I mean, who really cares if you take a good selfie or not, right? What does it really matter?  It doesn’t.  Selfies can be narcissistic (ahem, Kim K.), but they can also be fun! They are a way to express your personality or your artistry. […]

One Dresser, Two Ways

sauder 03

We are having such a fun fall so far. I am really enjoying my little sabbatical from work. Probably a little too much. I get to spend every day with these two adorable munchkins. I mean, really. Does it get any cuter? I did have these huge expectations for maternity leave. I had plans of […]

Felt-O-Ween by Kathy Sheldon

felt o ween 01

Halloween. I’m not really a fan. I have to admit. Walking around in the dark, knocking on strangers doors, and people passing by wearing scaring masks. I can do without all of that in my life. Let’s not even discuss possible clown sightings. If it wasn’t for the mom guilt I would feel if I […]

Letting Go of The List

list graphic

This month I am letting go of the list. Not all of them, I love making lists too much to do that. I will still make lists for groceries, errands, and for things that actually have to get done. I am letting go of that list of endless projects and unreasonable goals. You know the […]

Welcome Home Leah


I realize I have been a bit absent this summer. As you know we have been blessed with a little one. I had every intention of writing more and doing more with the blog. When I had the time to actually do a little bit of blogging I was either too tired to compose complete […]

Outlander Series Sweepstakes to Scotland


There are very few things that will make me loose track of the fact that I am pregnant. I am almost 37 weeks and I’m pretty sure every inch of my body is uncomfortable 95% of the time. When simply laying down is uncomfortable you know your time is almost up. I spend most of […]

Outlander is Coming Soon to STARZ! #Outlander


I have never been so excited for a TV show premier in all of my life. Last year I got on a big “series” book kick. I love how, with a series, the story doesn’t end right away. It is unfair to get hooked on the characters and their story just ends. I want to […]