Month 4: Media #7MonthMutiny


TVs, cell phones, and iPads… Oh my! Yesterday I mentioned in conversation with my husband and son that the game Jenga was on sale for a good price this week. I thought maybe it would be a fun game for us to play as a family. Landon’s response, “is it for the phone or ipad?”  […]

Outdoor Garden/Yard Plans and Ideas

back yard before

Spring is here, right? I am just a little confused with all the snow and sleet we have been getting lately. I went into the store the other day and it was just raining. I came out and I was getting pelted with ice. I actually ran, I never run. Naturally all of this bad […]

Mealtime Memories #NewTraDish


It may not seem like it with the lack of posts on the subject, but I am still attempting to follow the 7 Month Mutiny. I will talk more about it tomorrow, but this month’s mutiny is “media”. An almost impossible item for us to give up. We are “that family” who typically eats dinner […]

Every Day Bathroom Caddy

Bathroom Caddy1

This is the last week of my mutiny against stuff. I have to admit, I have slowed down quite a bit the last few weeks. I was hoping to power through at least two thirds of my list and have barely made it though half. I won’t give up. There is still so much that […]

Magazine Mutiny

Magazines 2

It wasn’t intentional but I have managed to hoard enough magazines to get me through a quarter of the possession mutiny. If I counted each one as an item I would be done.  I’m not sure what possessed me to subscribe to so many magazines. I never read them. I occasionally look at the pictures […]

Month 3: Mutiny on Possessions #7MonthMutiny


I am weirdly excited about this month! After reading the book, this was the month I was really looking forward too.  March is all about our possessions and letting go of the extra crap. Our goal is to donate, trash, sell, whatever 7 items a day. For some it may seem like a lot, but […]

Snow Day Treats

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We finally unburried ourselves from all the snow. Word on the street is that more is on the way. I really enjoy the snow day with the family. That part is nice. I […]

Mutiny on Clothes (Month Two) #7MonthMutiny


Month two of the mutiny and I couldn’t be more excited! It has nothing to do with the clothes. I am just happy I can eat whatever I want again. Last month was pretty rough.  This month our goal is to wear only 7 articles of clothing which includes EVERYTHING except underwear/socks. That means all […]

Lord Teach Me to Pray! 10 Types of Prayers Defined


I finished the first book on my list for this month – The Power of Simple Prayer. I felt like this was a great book for me to start with. Figuring out how to pray is important for a stronger walk with God. To be completely honest, praying can sometimes feel like an awkward high […]

5 Resources for Knitting Beginners


Here’s the story.  A few months ago I was on a mission to find the perfect winter hat. I wanted it to be over-sized and extra slouchy.  I couldn’t find one anywhere. I checked online and in stores. NOTHING.  When I was out shopping on Black Friday I saw a pamphlet for knitted hats. Inside […]