Don’t Worry I Will Wait


I catch myself every day telling Landon to hurry up. I tell him to stop wasting time. Go faster. Let’s go, let’s go, I have things to do. Then, I look at him, really look at him, and I just want time to stop.  I want to tell him to stop growing and to be […]

Our New Wall to Wall Pantry


We have slowly come to terms that this house is our home. We will not be moving any time soon, therefore we need to make the space we have work for us. I wouldn’t categorize our townhome as small. In fact we are blessed with an abundant amount of living space (we have two living […]

Month 4: Media #7MonthMutiny


TVs, cell phones, and iPads… Oh my! Yesterday I mentioned in conversation with my husband and son that the game Jenga was on sale for a good price this week. I thought maybe it would be a fun game for us to play as a family. Landon’s response, “is it for the phone or ipad?”  […]

Outdoor Garden/Yard Plans and Ideas

back yard before

Spring is here, right? I am just a little confused with all the snow and sleet we have been getting lately. I went into the store the other day and it was just raining. I came out and I was getting pelted with ice. I actually ran, I never run. Naturally all of this bad […]

Mealtime Memories #NewTraDish


It may not seem like it with the lack of posts on the subject, but I am still attempting to follow the 7 Month Mutiny. I will talk more about it tomorrow, but this month’s mutiny is “media”. An almost impossible item for us to give up. We are “that family” who typically eats dinner […]

Every Day Bathroom Caddy

Bathroom Caddy1

This is the last week of my mutiny against stuff. I have to admit, I have slowed down quite a bit the last few weeks. I was hoping to power through at least two thirds of my list and have barely made it though half. I won’t give up. There is still so much that […]

Magazine Mutiny

Magazines 2

It wasn’t intentional but I have managed to hoard enough magazines to get me through a quarter of the possession mutiny. If I counted each one as an item I would be done.  I’m not sure what possessed me to subscribe to so many magazines. I never read them. I occasionally look at the pictures […]

Month 3: Mutiny on Possessions #7MonthMutiny


I am weirdly excited about this month! After reading the book, this was the month I was really looking forward too.  March is all about our possessions and letting go of the extra crap. Our goal is to donate, trash, sell, whatever 7 items a day. For some it may seem like a lot, but […]

Snow Day Treats

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We finally unburried ourselves from all the snow. Word on the street is that more is on the way. I really enjoy the snow day with the family. That part is nice. I […]

Mutiny on Clothes (Month Two) #7MonthMutiny


Month two of the mutiny and I couldn’t be more excited! It has nothing to do with the clothes. I am just happy I can eat whatever I want again. Last month was pretty rough.  This month our goal is to wear only 7 articles of clothing which includes EVERYTHING except underwear/socks. That means all […]