picture perfect

*** I recently did an update post with a full photo tutorial as well as frequently asked questions. Please view this post for more information on the project.  Thank you so much for all the love I have received on this post! ***


remember the photo canvases i wanted to make awhile back? i finally got around doing them!

we have lived in our house for over five years and we finally have photos on our walls. besides the bits of clutter strategically placed around the house you wouldn’t know anyone lived here.

until now…

i love the way they turned out and they were so easy my two year old helped! yep, you heard that correctly. he helped me paint the the canvases. he loves him some paint!

after extensive pinteresting, err, research, i found this tutorial to be the most in line with the look i wanted to achieve. i followed it about 80%. i painted my edges black verses using paper and MOD podge. i also did not modge podge the top of my photo. i was scared of ruining the photos. i’m a total chicken.

post update: the original link mentioned above has been deleted by the blogger so i will do my best to explain here how to make your own photo canvases. if you have questions feel free to e-mail me at literallyinspired(at)gmail(dot)com.
acrylic paint
(in the tutorial they used scrapbook paper to cover their edges. i felt painting was easier and it gave a nice finish)
ok, so be ready to be amazed at how simple this is.
paint the edges of your canvases. remember to cut in so you do not see any white under your photo.
use MOD podge and cover your entire canvas
3 place photo down and let dry
flip canvas over and trim down the edge of the photos. i also sanded down the edges because my edges weren’t completely even.
and that’s it my friends. sorry about the broken link.
now back to our regularly scheduled program.
the canvases are very light so i used command putty to hang them. we only had one tragedy. before i could finish asking my husband what he thought half of them fell off the wall. after i stopped laughing tears and pulled myself together i was able to get them hung back up.
this project is a work in progress. i still have a lot of blank wall to fill. i am going to wait for another sale on canvases and photo printing to do some more. for this set i managed to score a 10 pack of canvases on black friday for $8 and the photo printing was 50% off. this project didn’t even hit $20! you know this cheapo is loving that price!

but do you know what i love best about the beginning of our gallery wall?

landon pointing out the photos of “dannah”, “daddy”, “momma”, and “me” on the wall.


*** I recently did an update post with a full photo tutorial as well as frequently asked questions. Please view this post for more information on the project.  Thank you so much for all the love I have received on this post! ***


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  1. Fantastic idea! You’ve inspired me to try this! Retail report back after my experiment :)

    • Will report back…lol

    • What do you use the acrylic paint for?

    • I was so anxious to try this. I purchased a ton of canvases of different sizes, painted and cut-in the edges with black. I printed out various photos on photo paper (all in black and white). I mounted them with the Mod Podge, as directed. I applied the photos and they all bubbled up, colored streaks came through…what a mess. Was hoping this would work, but it didn’t for me.

      • What kind of printer do you have? If it was an inkjet that might have been the problem. I know I have had problems with my inkjet photos not drying completely. Maybe try it again with photos that are printed professionally. I am sorry you had such a hard time with it Rhonda.

      • NoNameRequired says:

        You’re supposed to print the photos out onto regular paper – NOT photo paper – if you want the canvas texture to come through.

      • Try running a wall paper roller (used to press in seams) over the photo to squish out bubbles behind the pictures or run a plastic flat edge, like a credit card, to push out bubbles. Put something heavy on the picture while it dries, like a bigger heavy book. Should help it stay flat.

        • Stephanie Wick says:

          It worked great… my only tip is to use regular paper not photo paper and to let the ink on the paper sit a while before you put on glued canvas then let it sit a bit before you put the top layer of mod podge.

  2. Fantastic idea! You’ve inspired me to try this! Retail report back after my experiment :)

  3. I’m so excited to try this! Will post results this weekend!! :)

  4. Can you use regular photo paper or what kind? Is regular inkjet printer ok.

  5. Does the photo desolve so the front is canvas material? Or does the front feel like a regular picture?

  6. Hi Beks – I couldn’t reply via e-mail (you are a non-reply blogger) so hopefully you will see this comment : )

    The tutorial I followed you do not get the canvas effect on the top. You will either have a matte or gloss finish depending on your photo and if you choose to modge podge the top. I did try getting the canvas look by putting my picture face down on top of a layer of modge podge on my canvas. That allows the glue to leave a canvas texture on your print. I personally didn’t care for it so I left mine glossy. I have also seen people print their photos on a laser printer and glue their photos upside down. Once the glue was try the put water on the back of the photo and gently rub the layers of paper off until you could see the picture. That is very time consuming but it does have a cool effect.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Ginger, I read your comment about waiting on a sale for more canvas. Just a thought: I see alot of “ugly” canvas prints in thrift stores for almost nothing. Perhaps they would work to re use? Maybe I will give it a try and let you know. Love your ideas!

    • All of the DIY canvas ideas I have done are from ugly canvas I find at yard sales and thrift stores.. Works out great everytime

    • Martha Leonard says:

      You might be able to get a “canvas” look with a photo-editing program that put that look on the photo before you print it out. I have not tried this, however, so it would be an experiment.

  7. That looks fantastic. I’ve seen the other tutorials on Pinterest, but I like that you just simply painted the edges black. Great idea. Found you on Sat 7 Party from Positively Splendid.

    Cindy @ Apron Strings and Apple Trees

  8. can you make a email of you doing this??

  9. What size photo do you need? One to fit the canvas or regular size photo?

  10. Very pretty. I did something similar with graphic prints and it turned out much cheaper. We bought an 8′ x 4′ foam insulation sheet from Home Depot. It’s the pink stuff, about 1/2″ thick. We cut it with a razor blade knife to the size needed. Then we used spray glue and mounted the prints. We then covered the edges with black tape. They were super light way and turned out looking pretty darned good.

    • I have a 4’x6′ poster that I’m planning to hang. Have been thining about buying that foam insulation sheet. The 1″ thick sheets have a metalic sheeting over them. Did you remove that prior to mounting your photo?

  11. if you want to try another idea, you can reverse print out your photo on tissue paper then apply it face down to a canvas brushed with modge podge and lightly brush it down. After photo ink is dry you can add another coat of modge podge. Photo will look as applied directly to canvas.

  12. I love this…we have been in our home for almost 10 and we only have a handful of photos on our walls…I am ready to make the change. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. those are really cute and so easy to try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Im new to the lingo- what the heck is “modge podge”

  15. I really love those…reminds me of a photography exhibition I went to last week…it was so beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial. :)

  16. Where did you get your prints done at? I’ve been trying to find a place that does large prints for a decent price.

    • You can get tjem online at Staples for super cheap. I just ordered 5 16″x20″ prints for $6.99 each. They offer free shipping or in store puck up. You can also get a variety of sizes.
      I did my research and Staples seems to be the most competitive price and the quality is outstanding.
      Hope this helps!

  17. What Size canvas did you use?? Mine will be up Higher so trying to figure out what size to use!

  18. I found this on pinterest and love this idea. Yours look great. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am now your newest follower. When you have a chance come check out my food blog of easy recipes the whole family will like. http://www.questfordelish.blogspot.com

  19. Hi! Are you replying to people via their e-mails, because I think some of their questions could be answered on the comments page and save you hassle from answering people individually (plus I have a lot of the same questions!). How is the texture to these? Do you have pics of the process? I’m so scared to try this but I LOVE it! Thank you so much…

    • Don’t be scared!!! I did mine similar to this but I did Mod Podge the top of my picture. I got my canvas on sale and took advantage of Walgreens free 8 x 10 promotion they were running. I felt if I messed it up I wasn’t out much. After I put mod Podge on top of the picture I was sure it was ruined. It was so white I could hardly see the picture. I stayed calm and it did dry completely clear. I love it!! So easy

  20. I guess I am just not getting it, are you saying you put the picture face down and mod podge it and the print comes thru as it dries…where did you make the photos bigger? Sorry for not understanding how you did this.

    • NoNameRequired says:

      No – she mod-podged the canvas, then placed the photo on top of the mod-podge & dry-brushed it down into place.

  21. Hi! I am going to try and address some of the questions here.

    I got my pictures printed at Walgreens. They are printed on photo paper. My pictures are 8×10 and I had to trim them down once I had them on the canvas.

    My photos do not have the canvas texture (except the ocean photo – it is textured) because I wanted to keep it glossy. If you see my comment further up you can see how to texture your photos so they are canvas like. I fell in love with the photos without the texture so I kept them as is.

    @KSheLady – I personally just mounted my photos on the canvas. If you want to have the canvas feel/look all you need to do is put a layer of modge podge ON TOP of your photo THEN take the canvas a “stamp” the top of the photo to leave the imprint of the canvas texture on your photo. I hope this makes sense.

    I wish the original link wasn’t deleted because they showed a step by step process. I will do this again soon and take photos along the way.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and pinning this link!


  22. @karen Hamilton…i did the same thing, but now my pics are all bubbly…any thoughts?? did yours do that? i used the foam and spray adhesive (only sprayed the foam, not the print) and smoothed out pic when i placed on foam…not happy w/ the results at all

    • It’s the spray adhesive. Use ModPodge with a paint brush for the best effect. The spray adhesive bubbles like a ticked-off volcano and a foam brush can also create air bubbles in the ModPodge. I hope that helps. :)

      • I always use a paint brush or my fingers to smooth the mod podge before putting the picture on ss
        , then i smooth out the picture on top, ive never had problems withbubbledsomething

  23. Thanks for sharing and answering the follow up questions. I will be trying this soon. They look great on your walls. Isn’t it the best when your family notices your work (especially the little ones)!

  24. These are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!!

  25. Mod Podge is a glue used for collage type art (think of runny Elmer’s glue)…It can be pricey, but if you use a 40% off coupon at Michaels, you can get it for under $5 (I’m in Canada) Also, you can look up DIY mod podge on Pinterest also, it’s even cheaper!! I am assuming that this look is achieved with matte photos? Glossy would make it look too shiny?

  26. @Chrissy M – The only way I have been able to avoid bubbles is to spread an even amount of modge modge on the bottom layer and spread the paper starting at one end and pressing down/smoothing as I go and then allow that layer of glue to dry completely before applying the top layer.

    In my opinion when the bottom layer isn’t dry and then you add more moisture on top it makes the paper bubble.

    – Ginger

  27. Of course the easier solution would be to have these digitally printed but anyone can just do that. It really adds a lot of value to put as much personal touch when it comes to family memorabilia.
    bristol banners and signs

  28. Hi, this blog is really instructive. I would like to know more about this.

    Canvas printing
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  29. Ginger, those canvas paintings are stunning! I’m “literally inspired” with your child’s portraits.
    vancouver painting

  30. where did you purchase your canvas’. I have never seen any that thin and I would love to do this project on the canvas’ you used.

    • Hi Molly, I bought my canvases at Michaels Craft store.

    • Marrie says:

      Hi, hère in Canada we have this place where we buy artist’s Stuff. It Is called Omer Deserres..
      U find them in Sherbrooke, Montréal, where ver,

      Also, at dollars a, they have smala Canvas, for very cheap and they work very good

      But u really have to use the Mod Podge so it gives u a good finish. Good luck


  31. NICE!
    I so have to try this!!!


  32. NICE!
    I so have to try this!!!


  33. Awww did you made those pictures alone? The megapixels of the camera is really good I Must say. Maybe you can print
    full colour business cards too using that printer you used.

  34. I love Canvas Art. For fathers day I made Canvas Art for my Oldst Son’s gift from photos of my grandaughter and him…precious!

  35. How/where/what size did you print photos?

  36. This is so great! I now follow you on Pinterest where I found you. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Random question for anyone…are you just gluing the photo to the canvas and leaving it. Like modge podge on back of photo and then pasting it on or am I just not getting the idea here. Thanks!

    • Seems like she just painted the sides and a border on the front of the canvas then adhered the pic straight to the canvas. She doesn’t seal the top w/the Mod Podge b/c she didn’t like the effect but you can add another layer ontop if that fits your style or need. :)

  38. I did this with photos and they turned out great! A couple of things…I DID put mod podge on the photos… it actually helps protect them (doesn’t ruin them) and gives it a more ‘professional’ canvas look. Also, I painted (instead of the paper) the edges like you did, but I also then painted over the picture some, around each corner, it makes a really beautiful image.

  39. SOOOOO doing this!!!
    Thanks for the idea!

  40. Wonderful idea and I will definitely be trying this!

  41. love it!! great idea.
    what did you use to file down your photos?

  42. Thank you so much.
    This is excellent!

  43. thanks for the tut!! I’m definitely going to have to try this. As for the photos, not sure if you have a Costco near you, but their prices are actually pretty reasonable and you can get them same day…..thanks again!!

  44. Where did you buy the canvas at?

  45. Gunna try this when I get myself a new camera and get some canvas worthy pics.

  46. JoAnn fabrics has the thin canvas and so does hobby lobby. Great idea!

  47. Wow, that’s a very nice idea. I have photos in plastic sleeves pinned to the walls of the hallway in the stairs at the moment. This is a great idea! I’ll improve these right away!

  48. Love these! Great instructions too.

  49. So you just stick the photo over the mod podge stuff like you’re gluing it to the canvas? Sorry not very crafty but I’m trying.-Stacie crazygirl22.sb@gmail.com

  50. So do you just glue the photo on with the mod podge? I don’t follow. I’m not vet crafty but I’m sure trying! Lol please help!

  51. So you just stick the photo over the mod podge stuff like you’re gluing it to the canvas? Sorry not very crafty but I’m trying.-Stacie crazygirl22.sb@gmail.com

  52. Yes hipchick

  53. Yes hipchick

  54. Excellent project… has just been added to my ever growing ‘to-do’ list.
    Found you via Pinterest and now happily following along and poking around your blog a bit! Love it!
    Stop by if you get a chance and say hi! I love the company too!
    The SpaNGler
    @The Quick Unpick

  55. Shop second hand for your canvasses. Paint the sides black as you mentioned and the tops white and you are ready to proceed at a much cheaper–and greener–pace.

  56. I tried this but was worried that the photos wouldn’t stay if I didn’t glue over them but if you Mod Podge te tops they get streaky and glare. Will tje photos hold without a top coat of any kind?

  57. I tried this but was worried that the photos wouldn’t stay if I didn’t glue over them but if you Mod Podge te tops they get streaky and glare. Will tje photos hold without a top coat of any kind?

  58. Woow.. this is nice.. looks very easy, i gotta try this and put my lovely family photos on my wall
    my craft

  59. What a great and cost effective to create these. Wonderful idea and thanks for posting the tutorials.

  60. You can also do like I did, and have the print to where it wraps the sides instead of painting.. It looks awesome as well.

  61. Just a note about living somewhere without pictures on the wall.
    Here I was, thinking I was the only one who was like that, guilt
    tripping every time I think about it. Old neighbor has offered to
    come over and help me. This time, we signed a year’s lease on a home that I am not enjoying, so would like to move again. Almost halfway through the lease, so why bother. Most family and friends think I am weird, at least I know I am not alone!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Here’s how I transferred my photo to canvas: 1. Supplies needed- stretched canvas (I chose an 8×10 size), gel medium (I used this kind from Liquidex), paint brush and the image you want to transfer (laser copy) and a spray bottle filled with water. Remember, your image will print reversed. 2. Completely cover your canvas with gel medium. Use a heavy coat. 3. Press the photo copy onto the canvas and let it dry for several hours or overnight. 4. After your image is completely dry, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper. 5. Rub the surface with your fingers until pieces of the paper start coming off. When pieces start coming up your image will be revealed. This step takes patience and is messy! Be careful not to rub too hard as this can remove your transfer on accident. Continue until all the paper is removed and the image is completely visible! 6. Cover your canvas with one more coat of gel medium to seal and protect the image.

  63. Excellent idea…I have been buying prints on canvas. To know I can make my own is so much better. Thanks

  64. I’m doing it! I’ll let you know the result!

  65. Just be sure if you are using photos taken by a Professional photographer, you have permission to do this. If not you could end up in court for copyright infringement violations as this is manipulation of the photo and is strictly prohibited by law.

  66. You are very creative!!! Im in the process of buying a house with my husband, and was thinking of buying canvases for my living room but they are so pricey, this idea looks so much cheaper and the same effect. Just one thing I’m trying to understand,

    The modge podge is applied onto the picture itself?? Or on the canvas then you put the picture?? How long should one wait before removing the picture??

  67. I am an artist and use mod podge all the time. I completely cover every painting with mod podge to protect it. It always dries completely clear. if you use a wide brush and do cross hatch strokes you will see light strokes across the canvas, and this will give it the appearance of a painting rather than a photo. Try photo shopping them first, to make them look even more like a painting the result is fabulous.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. I love this idea. I have been searching all lover the web for ideas for doing this. Love it.

  70. I love this idea, and I really want to try this, do you know where I could find cheap canvas?

    • Joann Fabrics has canvas packs and ALWAYS has coupons available all over the place, newspaper, sales flyers, webpage, free downloadable app on your smart phone, etc. I got a pack of 5 8 x 10 canvas for 5.49 total.

  71. This is a great idea! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve used your project as a guide and made my own photo canvases, which I featured in my blog post today. Thanks for the inspiration, and stop by if you have a chance! :) http://sixthstreetsunshine.blogspot.com/2012/11/living-room-reveal.html.

  72. What photo resolution is needed to ensure clear pictures at 8×10 sizes?

  73. I love this idea! I have wanted to order the canvas photos but just found in to expensive for my budget. This is a GREAT alternative. I will be making these. Thank for sharing!

  74. Anonymous says:

    After I Mod podge the canvas and put it face down. How does the print show up? Do I peel the paper off when it dries? Really want to do this, but not quite following.

  75. This sounds so simple and sooo much cheaper the buying them! Thanks for the post! Cheers.

  76. what size are your pictures that you put on the canvas

  77. hi, I’m Kimi, do you have a youtube Video to watch doing this, this mite help a lot of people, even my self,seeing the person do it..will help those with the same questions that a lot of people are asking, So would you please guide me to a video or a youTube video if you have one, so i can see and get started on my project..I would like to make some for Christmas Gifts and i think people would be so surprise to see how it is to do. Thanks for this great idea and passing it on,so we all can benefit from it.

    • Hi Kimi! I do not have a youtube video but I do plan on making one eventually. I am not sure I could get it together in time for you to make Christmas presents though. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I can try to walk you through it.

  78. I have made these before and I I don’t like to use mod podge so I used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive. It works great and it’s not wet like mod podge. Spray the canvas and immediately put your photo down.

  79. Here’s a youtube video on the project. I haven’t watched any others yet but there are several to choose from. I noticed in this one that they didn’t peel off the paper backing of the photo as some others mentioned above. Instead, they kept applying water with the paint brush and it just rubbed off in time.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Okay so I just bought everything to do this…I am Not crafty at all..but LOVE this idea!! I just have one question…do I put the picture face down??? I want to make sure I am reading correctly…Thanks so much

  81. Anonymous says:

    I am going to try this. It’s so much easier than the other tutorials I’ve seen. I do think it is important to cover the pictures with modge podge so they don’t fade or get ruined over time from the air exposer. Thanks for the great idea!

    People asking her questions: She re-explains them in her comments…read them:).

  82. Anonymous says:

    Will this technique work on other things as well? Pieces of wood perhaps? Or is this just for canvas?

    • I have seen tutorials to do the exact same thing on wood blocks. The procedure looks the same as well :).

  83. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have been searching the internet for the past two days trying to find an affordable canvas photo collage printer to no avail. My dad has just been moved to a nursing home & I wanted to personalize his space. Can’t wait to try this :-) M~

  84. Anonymous says:

    I have read many tutorials on canvas prints lately. I tested out homemade mod podge on a piece of wood that came with my sons woodburning kit. I didnt have any paint at that point so I used a permanent marker to cover the sides. And a photo printed off of my ink jet printer. It worked great. I used 50% elmers glue and 50% water, and a foam brush to apply it. I am still waiting for my canvas to get here, but I am going to try a photo printed on regualr copy paper. I have an old bedsheet and some foam board to test it out on, to see A. if the regular paper will work, and B if it will make a differance and help the canvas show through a little more. I am hoping a thinner paper will make the canvas show through a little more.
    I have worked in a photo lab for almost nine years now, and have always wanted to make these photo gifts at home. I do photography as a hobby, so I thought they would make the perfect gifts for people.

  85. I’m confused. The way that I have done it was spread gel medium on the canvas, place the picture-which is printed on regular printer paper- face down, then cover that with mod podge, let it dry, put water on the paper and rub the paper off. I’m confused with what type of picture you use- is it on regular printer paper? And do you place it picture side down? or just set it on the canvas and then eover with mod podge?

  86. Hi there. I’ve tried this project on a 8×10 piece of wood and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I stained the wood using some stain I already had at home and then placed a picture hanger on the back. Then I Mod Podged the wood as well as the back of the photo (not sure why, I just read it was better to do both). After smoothing it out on the wood and letting it dry for about 15 minutes, I put two coats of mod podge on top of the picture. The first coat in one direction and then when that dries clear I applied it in the other direction so that it gave it the canvas-y look. It was a huge hit!

  87. So I stopped at AC Moore – they have 10 packs of 8×10 canvas for $20 and a 50% off coupon.

    Can you guess what I’m doing tonight? OH and I also bought 2 16×20’s too.

  88. Where does the acrylic paint come in?

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  93. Anonymous says:

    I have been wanting to do this for awhile and wondering if it would work out. So thank you for posting this… Im wondering if you used the regular picture paper for this or if it was a different kind of paper?… I did something similar to this but I printed out a bunch of 3×5 pictures on regular paper (all the pictures were black and white and made a big poster board of them layered on each other but to where you could see our faces. I love it

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  100. Anonymous says:

    Above, you told someone if they wanted the canvas look, to paint the top of the photo with mode podge, and then “stamp” the canvas. I dont get it, can you explain please?

    • Anonymous says:

      You would paint the mod podge over your photo and then flip the canvas over and press it onto your picture. That creates the canvas ‘texture’. Essentially the canvas is your big stamp…hope that helps ;o)

  101. Anonymous says:

    The poor woman explains over and over…its like three steps! Just calm down and read all the comments if you have ANY questions…

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  104. Hello would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a fair price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

  105. If you have an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet nearby you may want to check them for canvases! Super cheap. Also Flower Factory is another great place to shop for them!

  106. Just found your post on Pinterest! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

  107. Liz ceppos says:

    Ginger, just was flipping through home decor on Pinterest and saw a photo, and immediately thought, that baby looks super familiar…, haha, of course, recognizd your cutie from Facebook. I am going to try this photo project, looks great!

  108. Barefoot Creative says:

    love the project: No one has mentioned the type of ink on photos. I have inkjet printer…can I print my own..? Probl em w ith inkjet is it “bleeds” and ruins photo even with ModPodge. Staples mentioned – do they us laser photo print ? Is that how everyone is doing this?

  109. You can also buy black canvas at Michael’s :)

  110. Ana Smith says:

    FYI: ModgePodge doesn’t hurt the photos, but I took the back layer off the photo. Also, I use the Command Velcro Strips for hanging. Now I want to try a full print on the canvas. ps. use a coupon at MIchael’s for super inexpensive canvases.

  111. Nichole Solis says:

    I just tried this before I found your site. I printed my photos off our home office printer. Then added the extra step of modge podge over the top of the photos. FAIL! The photos totally bled all over. I may attempt this again only using your method. Thanks for posting :)

    • I wonder if it was the type of printer ink. I think laser ink works best. It is probably worth the $$ to get the photos printed professionally. I hope you try it again :)

  112. I understand doubt the project with the photos face up, but when u do the project and glue the photo face down, what type if photo is it? Can u use regular photos or have to get the images printed on transfer paper? This is my only confusion. Could anyone explain this? Thank you.

    • Hi Pam! I am actually in the process of writing up a post with the tutorial of doing the canvas photos with the photos face down. If you are going to do this withe the face down technique I recommend using thinner paper and having the photos printed with a laser printer. I am sure you could use transfer paper. I do not have an experience with transfer paper. Hope this helps some. I am going to send you an e-mail with photos in a sec. Hang tight :)

  113. I tried this over the weekend. I made two 8×10’s. They turned out so beautiful! I wanted to thank you for the idea!. It cost me a whopping $3.99 for both. I cant wait to fill my walls going up my steps with all different sizes. Im scared to use modge podge over the photo. Im afraid of streaky

  114. Aidee Fuentes says:

    Do you think using Spray Mod Podge would work for this project?

    • Hi Aidee,

      I have personally never used a spray mod podge but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I don’t know if I would use a spray to seal the top of the photo if you choose to do that. I don’t know what type of finish it would leave. You could always test that out. Let me know if you try it. I would love to hear if it worked for you.


  115. Trish Jones says:

    I use Elmer’s school glue instead of puzzle magic or mod lodge after I have put a puzzle together. Leaves no residue or film. The same glues should work on the back of your pics. Cheaper too.

  116. Did you use photo paper or regular paper for your pictures? I’m worried about the glossy paper sticking with the modgepodge. Let me know asap!! thanks. I’m a nervous crafter haha

  117. Rosalba says:

    Ginger, I need help I have put mod podge on the canvas frame then I put my Baby picture face down to the mod podge, the paper is not easy to peel off I scrub it with a brush in order to peel off with a lot water, then I let it dry n the picture still white I put some mod pudge on a corner to see if it was going to work before I put all over the picture again. Please help.

  118. Thank you sooo much… I bought 4 8×8 inch canvases that was on sale, printed 4 photos of my great grandsons and followed you tutorial…. OMG, they are fabulous…. I also painted the edges black first and because I wanted a black border I trimmed my photos to 71/2in… I hung them in a grid fashion… The only problem I have is, I wished I had made them bigger…. That’s my next project, BIGGER!!!!

  119. JAHMEELAH says:

    when you say photo down do you mean face down?

  120. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is fantastic, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about picture perfect – Literally Inspired .

  121. I can’t wait to try this! Excellent instructions!

  122. Love it! I made this with my kids for Father’s Day, took a picture of them and wrote something on the floor, he absolutely loved it!!! So easy and cheap project to make! :)

  123. i was wondering if there is a certin type of canvas? or will any kind of canvas work?

  124. Sounds easy and fun. My question is our house is all windows will the pictures fade with all the sun we get?
    I can not hang regular pictures printed from walgreens or such as they all fade. Any suggestions?

  125. I tried transferring photos and what fun it was. Thank you! I even put some pictures on a flat rock. Wish I knew how to show you a photo. It came out sooo cute,
    Soekie recently posted…Craft Your Own Handmade Note PadMy Profile

  126. Great work on the tutorial. I love the canvas print photoage in the hallway. Another cool design idea is printing a single photo across three canvases. Its a bit more challenging from a DIY perspective but it creates an awesome end product.

  127. I want to thank you. I made my canvases from pictures of my grandchildren cooking and hung them in the kitchen. Everyone, friends and relatives loved them, even my mom. So I want to thank you for posting the steps. My 7 year old granddaughter helped me paint the canvases. After I explain what we wanted to do, she said:”If we stack them together, we can paint them at the same time”. Isn’t she smart?
    Thank you

    • Oh Paty that is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love the idea of putting pictures of your grandchildren cooking in your kitchen. And yes, your granddaughter is really smart! Wish I thought of that myself :)

  128. Debi Okrz says:

    Has anyone ever tried doing this with pizza boxes or shoe box lids? I am going to do this very soon.

  129. For all you Brits out there, Mod Podge. Is basically PVA mixed with water.

  130. Very cool~!! i love this~! I am going to try.. but a couple questions… what sizes did you use, they look like 8 x 10?
    What kind of photo paper did you use glossy or matte?

    Thats all!!! Thank you!

    xoxo, Misty

  131. i was just at walmart and they have packs of canvas’s for like 10 to 20 bucks

  132. I rarely comment, however i did a few searching and wound up here picture perfect
    – Literally Inspired. And I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be simply me or does it look like a few of these remarks come across like left by brain dead visitors?
    😛 And, if you are writing on other sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post.
    Could you make a list of the complete urls of all your public pages like your linkedin
    profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?
    heartoftheswarmbuilds.net recently posted…heartoftheswarmbuilds.netMy Profile

  133. Have you ever mounted the pictures OVER other pics on canvas? If you painted it all black and mod podged it on, can’t see what difference it would make. I have some old canvases, and just thought I would save the purchase of new canvases.

  134. I loved this idea! So, since i was super behind on pictures, I printed out all the pictures since my son was born, even some before he was born (he’s 10 months…WOOPS!) and i bought 2 5 packs of canvas’ from Michaels. I’m making collages for my Christmas gifts that are going to my sons grandparents and great grandparents.
    I lovee how it turned out! I have 13 photos to each canvas! I’m so glad i saw this! Thought for sure I would mess it up because I am the least bit artistic, but it’s impossible to do! Thank you so much for sharing! You helped me make great Christmas presents for cheap that I know everyone will love! (:
    Melissa recently posted…Blogger Dogs Focus Group #HappyStartsHereMy Profile

  135. You have lots of great stuff!!!!!!!!!

  136. I tried to look at this tutorial but couldn’t get past the porn on the right side of the screen. Why is there porn here?

    • There definitely shouldn’t be anything like that on this site. I would never approve or allow that. I just looked at the page and it is an ad for a game. I am contacting the company now who places those ads. Thank you for letting me know.

  137. Amy Simpson says:

    Wanna try this! So cool. One question….what did you use to smooth down the edges of your photo after you had applied them to canvas? Sorry, this question may have already been asked…I looked but didn’t see it anywhere. Thanks for post and any help!

  138. Laura Renee Calvelage says:

    I love painting canvases and making them into cute signs! Blick.com has super cheap, but really good quality canvases that come in different sizes. They’re always cheap. It’s pretty cool. Check them out!

  139. Cindy Kuhns says:

    Love this , can’t wait to try it !,

  140. You can always go to AC Moore with a 40% off coupon and purchase canvases. Just a thought.

  141. Does this also work with posters or only with photos? :)

    Awesome instructions, I’m looking forward to trying it ^^

  142. For best results get the pictures done at your photo place and that easy they are developed not printed with ink and that will give you the best result with midge podge if you print them on any printer they will fade and have more chance of bubbling and running .. developing them at a photo place you can put midge podge all over and gave no issues and the results will out live u


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