50 Shades of Grey and My Living Room

I have been 50 Shade of Grey reading  since the beginning of May. I am probably two-thirds of the way through. I understand how some people couldn’t but it down but clearly, I was not one of them. I plan on finishing the book and eventually knocking out the whole series but it isn’t my cup of tea. Turns out – I am a prude. If I feel awkward and uncomfortable reading the book – then it isn’t the book for me and I should just put it down for good. Unfortunately at this point I am committed. I have a hard time leaving a book half-way through. My curiosity gets the best of me. So, I will persevere and press on.

Christian Grey did inspire me with his use of the term “hard limits”. I am knee deep in planning out our new living room decor and I try my best to include my husband in all decisions. Let’s face it though, that is hard to do. Most of the time I receive “whatever you want to do is fine”. Um ok, you say this now but when I have wallpapered the room with hot pink and teal flowers will you still feel the same? Probably not.

Which leads me to the question – what are your decorating “Hard Limits”? For those of you who haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey, hard limits are the absolutely not, the oh hell no, and the over my dead body of your, errrr, particular situation.

I highly recommend finding out what your husband can not live with in the house so that you can then let your creativity flow. Once you know what you can’t do it will open the doors for everything that you can. 

After a lengthy and hilarious discussion with my husband here is our list of decorating hard limits.

1. No more painting. 

The living room color has to stay as is. I have painted this room twice, three times if you include primer. It started out a cool beige and it is now a warm beige. Circle of life decorating.

2. Minimal Flowers

In my husband’s words “flowers belong in vases”. I can respect that.

3. No Deer, My Dear

Deer and other animal heads are a very popular in home decor right now but they will not be seen in our home. Sorry Bambi!

4. Color Control

Although my main goal is to add color to this room and remove the blah blah bland feel, I will have to do while following his request of keeping my color choices under control. It has been suggested to keep it to a 3 color minimum. Dear Sir, The design team will take your request into consideration.

5. Show some Personality

Although we will need to hold back on color a little bit we don’t want to have a sterile room. I want our personality to shine and prove that people do live here. It is the living room after all!

Please note, I think the room below is beautiful but it is way too white for an active household like ours.

Your turn, what are your “hard limits” of decorating?

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  1. Oh Ginger, you might be the first person to tie in Shades of Grey with interior decorating, but it works! :) When my husband and I are out shopping – or just browsing as he prefers to call it – and I show him something I think might be perfect for our home, his response is one of two things. Either he likes it, in which case life is easy, or he hates it and his response will be, “Yes, I bet it will look great in your office!” LOL I guess that’s the barometer I use for any hard limits in decorating ideas!

  2. Tee hee, I use that term all the time now too! It’s a good one. The book, not so much. And I didn’t *think* I was a prude… until I read that book. ::blushing::

  3. What a freaking clever twist on decorating! I love the concept of this blog- it introduces two pretty niche blog topics to each other in a light amd interesting way! And for those of us who love both? Fjn + interesting. – and FRESH takes on both subjects. Bravo… newest follower.

    That said… my hard limits? Just that I dont buy/do ANYTHING just to “finish” a room. I use only things I LOVE in our home. :)

  4. Ginger,

    Your mother left a link to this post on my blog because I was blogging about this same book. So my comment is on the book. I am having the same issue that you were having. I am finding the book difficult to “PICK UP,” rather than put down. And I am not a prude at all, by any means. In my books I write about intimate scenes and sometimes it does become graphic depending on the situation. But S&M? Uh uh…that’s not my thing and this book is a bit much. Curious did you ever pick it back up and finish reading & did you see E. L. James’ interview w/Barbara Walters?


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